Tornadoes are violet storms that give little warning but can leave massive damage and deadly destruction. These storms occur more often in the Unites States than any country in the world. They have occurred in every state and in every month of the year – these are the facts.


With so many types and styles of shelters on the market today it can get confusing for the consumer trying to look for a quality product to protect their family. Be an informed & educated consumer. Private & public disaster agencies all agree (Red Cross, FEMA) that an underground shelter offers far better protection then at ground level where trees, cars, steel and tons of flying objects are blowing around at 300 mph.  Being in a bathroom, closet or a reinforced room cannot compare to the protection provide by an inground shelter.


Over the years shelters have been made out of various materials including wood, steel, concrete and fiberglass.  ALL these materials will rot, crack, leak, rust or otherwise degrade due to their exposure to environmental conditions (hot, cold, rain, sun ect). These materials are not durable enough to withstand environmental elements. Why would anyone want to trust their family’s lives in such a product.


This all changed with the production of the Granger Inground Safety Shelter (ISS). Made from 100% virgin polyethylene plastic – it is one of the most durable plastics in world. The ISS with its patented design is backed with a limited lifetime warranty that will not leak, crack, rust or otherwise degrade. The ISS lifespan is estimated to be a minimum of 500 years and the cost can be half of what other
units lasting less than 15 years and requiring high maintenance costs.


The following testing videos demonstrate the durability and quality of the ISS.



This World Class Safety Product Is Manufactured By Granger Plastics of Middletown, Ohio.  To Learn More About Product Visit Their Website