"The Miami Valley Is Home To Some Of The Nations Most Unpredictable Weather" (WHIO/TV -Dayton, Ohio)

Despite all the technology of early detection and warning systems available today;
hundreds of people are injured and killed every year as result of tornadoes and
other violent storms in the U.S.  Most deaths occur because of poor
planning including not having a safe structure to seek safety during violent weather.


Do you even have a safe place to take shelter?  FEMA and the Red Cross recommend that being underground provides the safest protection from natures most violent storm – tornadoes.


The United States has more tornadoes than any other location in the world yet less than 4% of Americans are prepared for weather related emergencies.  Many homes today are built on concrete slabs and lack a structure capable of withstanding the powerful forces of a tornado or straight line winds which can be just as dangerous as a tornado. Worst yet are mobile homes that offer no storm protection at all. 


Realistically there is no way to protect your home from the destructive forces of a tornado or other violent windstorm - for that reason the tornado safety shelter was designed.


The In-ground Safety Shelter (ISS) was developed to offer an affordable, safe and comfortable shelter during the worst
part of an emergency.  It is a one piece molded polyethylene In-ground Safety Shelter that is practically indestructible.  


Installation is typically 3 to 4 hours by a local contractor. The unit requires little maintenance and will provide peace of mind for generations to come.


The shelter exceeds FEMA 320 & 361 standards for in-ground safety shelters. Using the most current simulated tornado technology, our storm shelter has been tested by Texas Tech Wind Science and Engineering Research Center and verified that it has the capability to withstand  and exceed the forces of an F5 tornado (the highest tornado rating with winds exceeding 300 mph).